105 Hour Commercial Course

This is the pilot training course offered to a student with no previous aviation experience.

*All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars

Heli-College Canada is primarily a commercial helicopter training facility. Therefore, no PST or GST is charged on tuition fees for our commercial training. This is not the case with all schools. Be aware that some schools do not qualify as GST exempt, and must add taxes to their quoted rates.

	100 hours Robinson R22 				$53,000.00    
	5 hours simulator  				    320.00
	Text Books  					    275.00
	Ground School Instruction 			  1,400.00
	Total 			 			$54,995.00    
Course duration :

Length of course with full-time attendance approximately 16 to 30 weeks.

Requirements :
  • No previous flying experience is necessary.
  • Transport Canada has no minimum educational standards for issue of the Commercial Pilot Licence. However, you must be either a "mature student" (over 19, and out of school at least 1 year) or have graduated from High School, to qualify for our program.
  • A "CAT 1" medical (an electrocardiogram, audiogram, and medical examination by a Transport Canada approved Civil Aviation Medical Examiner) is required.