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For those of you who are new to our industry, it's sometimes hard to focus on what's  important when choosing a school. It's easy to get sidetracked. And the truth is, it often doesn't all come together until you are out in the field working. Our students send us feedback that makes us proud of the work we do, especially when they compare the relative benefits of our training programs. 

Excerpts from Private, Commercial, IFR, ATPL(H), and Conversion Graduates ...


“I quickly learned that Heli-College in Langley is run by professionals who put their student’s success first. Your school is very well equipped with computer stations for studies, a well organised ground school, and excellent instructors. I have great respect for the abilities of Geoff Stevens, my instructor, as he provided superior training, not only to pass the flight test, but also prepared me for real life flying done once you have your license.”


“Since I have taken my license with your school, I purchased an R22 helicopter and started my 206 (Jet Ranger) endorsement combined with a mountain flying course. The training I received on the R22 helicopter has proven to be excellent, as I did not have any problems flying the 206. This, in my opinion, proves that it is beneficial to use the R22 for flight training, as the transition to any other helicopter comes quite naturally.”


J.R. (now President and CEO of his own helicopter company)



“I have attended Heli-College twice in the past 7 years. The first time was in 2001 to complete my ATPL(H) and the second time was at the end of 2008 for an IFR Rating. From the minute I started either course, I was confident that at the end of the time quoted, I would have no problem achieving my anticipated results. At all times when faced with a Transport exam or flight test I felt confident.”


“Upon receiving my IFR rating I went immediately to work and found that the training I received put me in excellent shape for the job.”


“The staff always went the extra mile to make sure I was looked after and my time spent there was enjoyable.”


“I would not hesitate to recommend Heli-College to any potential students.”


Mike Redman (Canadian S61 Pilot)



“Thank you for being such a good example as a pilot. --------- There is so much to learn and you’ve given me a solid foundation to build upon. In your attitude and your flying you’re consistent in the high standard you achieve.”


D.M. (flying in Alberta)



 “What a helicopter school!!!” Fabien in AStar


“The instructors have so much experience that you’ll never have enough time to learn everything. Combined with the competency of the ground staff, the good atmosphere, the comfortable learning environment, well maintained aircraft, plus a few extra details like the PDM course and the Underwater Egress course, you’ll get more than you need to get your license. More importantly, you’ll get what you need to integrate into the industry, and to fly safely in working conditions.”


“When the time comes to do my IFR or ATPL, I’ll be back to Heli-College…”


Fabien Petit (Flying in Canada)



“Tell Geoff that on my first flight (with my new employer), they couldn’t believe I hadn’t flown a Jet Ranger before, ... so much kudos to my instructor.”


R.R. (flying in BC)



 “I’ve flown with a lot of top notch instructors and none of them came even close to your instruction level. You truly have an amazing ability to make the student feel comfortable and proud of their flying improvements.”


D.A. (flying as a Canadian Military Pilot)



“Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a focussed and professional way.”


G.M. (flying in BC)



“I just returned from completing my Eurocopter EC120 factory training course in the U.S.  It was very enjoyable and I gained much experience. The instructor made me do 30+ full on autos and, thanks to your good foundation training at Heli-College, I have to say proudly that I was doing better than some very experienced pilots there.”


J.S. (private pilot flying in Hong Kong)



“I really miss you guys. All of you had a positive effect on my life in every respect, especially Geoff.”


C.W. (BC)



“Once again, I want to thank you for the way you conduct, manage and take care about your students and the way you share your knowledge. Please share my thanks with the Heli-College ladies who are a part of the kind and comfortable atmosphere of your training centre.”


H.G. (returned to fly in France and Africa)



“I have held an FAA IFR rating for many years now, but I have to admit, I never fully understood the procedures even though I was using them ‘regularly’ in my flying. I simply followed the instructions of ATC … and they must have been O.K., since we always arrived at destination. After taking your course to convert to the Canadian IFR rating and ATPL, I now truly understand the procedures and am far more confident in my IFR flying abilities. I hope you know how unique your level of service is in this industry. Thank you again for all your help.”


L.H.  (flying in the USA and Canada)



 “Still alive, and still working in the helicopter world … a very good souvenir from the time I spent with you. I would like, if possible, to get a copy of your IFR checklist (that) I used during my course, and which is, to my mind, one of the best appropriate document to work as an IFR crew member. With your permission, I would like to use this checklist in our Puma operations.”


A.M. (flying in Europe)



“Thanks to all of you back there for making my stay a pleasant one. The encouraging words that were uttered when I needed them most, and the assistance given with regard to the bookings for taxi, medicals and tests. I have good memories of Heli-College Canada and will admit I learnt a lot about 'cold weather flying'…"


"I, however, have to be honest and say that I do not miss sitting in front of that stack of books….. but being a pilot means that you will never stop learning. Once you do that, stop flying!”


M.V. (flying in the Ivory Coast)



“I am extremely grateful and thankful for your guidance and coaching as well as to the complete staff of Heli-College for the great support and cooperation throughout my time with you.”


K.M.  (flying in Haiti)



“This is my third time attending Heli-College. The first two were to get my commercial pilot license and then my instrument rating. This last time was for an instrument rating renewal. I have always enjoyed the nice welcome and all the assistance given by the staff whenever I needed it. I am satisfied with the results obtained here once again, and have no doubt that I will return in the future.”


Francisco Wilcox