Registration Procedures and Funding Issues

Lorrie at Student Services DeskPlease email us at to request a set of application forms or download now in "Word" format (HCC Application.doc).

Courses are offered on a "continuous intake" basis. A new course may begin on approximately the 1st or 15th of each month. This means that you may start whenever it is convenient for you, provided that space is currently available. Normally, our courses will fill up early for the fall and spring sessions, so students are advised to confirm a starting date in advance whenever possible, to avoid delays in commencement of training. A waiting list is maintained when enrolment exceeds our practical operational capacity. As soon as space becomes available, students on the waiting list are contacted to schedule a start date.

Payment Structure

A deposit of $1000.00 is required to confirm and reserve a starting date. This deposit will apply in full towards the cost of the course.

Heli-College Canada is Designated (formerly called "Accredited") by the Private Training Institutions Branch of British Columbia (PTIB) and, therefore, tuition deposits are secured by the Student Tuition Protection Fund.

Ground school (tuition), matriculation fees, and textbook fees are due at the commencement of training.

Fees for flight training (aircraft utilization) may be handled on a "pay as you go" basis. Usually a student will pay for a block of approximately 10 flight hours at a time. When these hours are used up, another block of 10 hours may be placed on account.

Refund Policy

If the student should cancel their commitment, refunds will be handled in accordance with the PTIB Bylaws and the Private Training Act Regulations. Copies of these documents are given out at the time of registration or may be viewed online at the PTIB website.

It is, however, the general policy of Heli-College Canada Training Inc. to return all unused flight training funds on the account of any student who withdraws from a training course.

A detailed list of these conditions may be viewed in this online copy of our Refund Policy.

Funding Assistance

There are several potential sources of funding assistance available. The exact amount that you may qualify for, will depend on your personal circumstances and the province you are located in. Check out our Funding Article for some ideas on how to finance your training.


It is also important to note that within Canada,
the cost of commercial flight training is deductible for Income Tax purposes. A completed TL11B form will be issued to eligible students during February of the year following your training.

Heli-College Canada is primarily a commercial helicopter training facility. Therefore,
no PST or GST is charged on tuition fees for commercial training. This is not the case with all schools. Be aware that some do not qualify as GST exempt, and must add taxes to their quoted rates.

No PST is charged on safety equipment or textbooks.