Flight Training Courses

helicopterHeli-College Canada offers three main courses to students with no previous Rotary Wing training. We also offer several advanced training courses for licensed pilots. The following hourly rates include flight time, instructor time, pre and post flight briefings, fuel and insurance expenses. The ground school rate includes all briefings, lectures, an audio visual library, and use of the computer-based training programs.

The course pages below show a breakdown of course fees. The sample course outlines are based on the R22 rate per hour. Please note that since our course charges are based on tariff rates, these fees are subject to change in accordance with tariff changes. Therefore, it is recommended that you confirm the current course rates prior to registration.

Basic Flight Training Courses *

105 Hour Commercial Pilot Licence Course New! (Ask about our Fall 2018 discount!) New!

65 Hour Commercial Pilot Licence Course (with previous Fixed Wing Experience Credits)

50 Hour Private Pilot Licence

Advanced Flight Training Courses *

Night Rating

Mountain Flying and Sling Load Training

Instrument Rating  New! (Price reduced for Fall 2018!) New!

Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Conversion of Foreign Licence to Canadian Commercial or ATPL Licence

Type endorsements and Other Courses

Aircraft Rental Rates *

Hourly rates for our aircraft  New! (IFR/Night Rates reduced for Fall 2018!) New!

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Transport Canada licensing fees, written and oral examination fees, and flight test fees are an additional expense of approximately $1500.00. The Canadian CAT 1 medical exam will cost approximately $250.00.

Heli-College Canada Dollar Signis primarily a commercial helicopter training facility. Therefore, no PST or GST is charged on tuition fees for our commercial training. This is not the case with all schools. Be aware that some do not qualify as GST exempt, and must add taxes to their quoted rates.

The cost of a flight training course is dependent on the type of helicopter chosen for training. To determine the total course cost, multiply the required number of helicopter flight hours by the hourly rate and add in simulator, books, and ground school fees for that course.

*All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars