Introduction To Our Training Philosophy

Heli-College Canada believes that
quality flight training is composed of two parts. Naturally, your first goal should be to learn the basic flying skills as required by Transport Canada (TC) standards. More importantly however, we have found the need to concentrate on those advanced skills which will benefit you most after receiving your commercial license. These are the skills that your prospective employers will be looking for. Since Heli-College Canada is involved with the advanced training programs of many operational charter companies, knowledge of the specific type of skills required in a commercial operation is reflected in our training syllabus. Therefore we have designed a course which stresses these areas of flying :

- Mountain flying and confined areas

- Full-on autorotations and in-flight safety procedures

- Sling loads and operational flying techniques

Our superior training program coupled with the variety of West Coast weather and geography will provide you with the opportunity to fly under the realistic conditions that you will face on the job.

As one of Heli-College Canada's graduates, you will be able to not only fly your aircraft skilfully and safely, but also to show your prospective employers that you are competent to work the machine in a commercial operation.