Special assistance for International Students

Registration Procedure

Please email us at hccadmin@heli-college.com to request a set of application forms or download now in "Word" format (HCC Application.doc).

Visa assistance provided

We can help you reduce the time required for issue of your student visa however ... We strongly suggest that you contact the nearest Canadian Consulate to check the current procedures for visa application from your country BEFORE sending us your application or matriculation fees. There are some countries for which Canada is not currently issuing student visas for flight training courses on a regular basis. Still others will not be permitted to have more than one type of visa application open at the same time.

Once we have received your application forms and matriculation fee of $1000.00, we will forward the proper documentation confirming your enrolment at our school and requesting that your student visa be issued. Please note, however, that a portion of the matriculation fee is non-refundable should you cancel your commitment or should your visa application be declined by the Canadian Consulate.

Important Notice

As of January 1, 2016, only accredited schools that are also designated with Eduation Quality Assurance (EQA) are eligible to be listed on the Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) Designated Learning Institution (DLI) list. It is important to note that while many schools may be able to accept students for short term training courses if they enter Canada on a tourist permit, as of January 2016, only schools on the DLI list are eligible to accept foreign students for courses of greater than six months duration who will require a student visa.

We are pleased to announce that Heli-College Canada meets all of these qualifications. Our DLI designation number is O19279689162 .

Students entering Canada under the study visa program may be eligible for a work visa following the completion of their training that will allow them to gain additional experience in their field of study.

Ground transportation from Vancouver airport to school

Upon your arrival at Vancouver airport, we will pre-arrange for your transportation to your accommodation in Langley. If you require a rental car during your stay in Canada, we can arrange for one.


Heli-College Canada has made special arrangements with two nearby hotels to provide reduced cost accommodation to our out-of-town students. The current rate for a single room with kitchenette is $1300.00 CDN per month. One of the hotels is located only one block from the airport. Also, if you are registered in our accommodation for over two months, you may apply for a rebate of room taxes paid. Since several of our students use this facility, it allows you to stay in an atmosphere which is conducive to studying with fellow students.


Heli-College also assists with arranging homestay accommodation for those who prefer to live with a Canadian family. Homestay units are available within close range of the airport. The current rates range from $850.00 to $1500.00 per month.

Licence Documentation Assistance

Be sure that any country in which you choose to train, is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). ICAO membership assures that the highest training standards have been met, and that your licence will be highly portable between countries. As a contracting state in ICAO, our Canadian Licence courses fully comply with the ICAO requirements. In order to make it even easier to convert your licence to fit the requirements of any country where you may wish to work, Heli-College will ensure you have the proper documentation. We will provide an official transcript of your course, and copies of all government licensing documentation, in both English and the language of your choice.

Aviation English language (AESL) training and testing (ALPT) available

Heli-College Canada has created a program for students requiring practice with their English. We have designed a special Aviation English and Radiotelephony course for our international students. If necessary, we can also arrange for your enrolment in other English language courses available in the nearby community.
We also have an approved Aviation English Language Proficiency Examiner on staff.