Superior Training Equipment Available

At least 3 R22 training helicopters available

We use the Robinson R22 Helicopter as our primary training aircraft. We have found it an excellent aircraft for meeting the demands of a commercial training program. In addition, its flying characteristics offer a smooth transition to the larger turbines and the R44 which are used extensively in the commercial market. Since we have several aircraft on line, (currently we have three) the likelihood of an interruption in training due to scheduled maintenance is greatly reduced. This allows students to complete their training in a shorter period of time.

1 of only 3 Helicopter Simulators west of OntarioSimulator

Our ATC 112H Helicopter Flight Procedures Simulator has been extensively modified to match the cockpit sequences of our IFR Robinson R22. Use of the simulator to "rehearse" instrument exercises on the ground, enhances the effectiveness of the instrument time spent in the actual aircraft. It can also help reduce the cost of your commercial training course by up to $2750.00 by freeing up your valuable air time to be used more efficiently on other advanced exercises.

Turbine and IFR equipped training helicopters available

Our Robinson R22 IFR trainers, and common light turbine helicopters are available for training as required.

Several Piston types available for licensing endorsements

Although we utilize the Robinson R22 as our primary training aircraft, the Robinson R44, Schweitzer 300, and Bell 47 series helicopters can be made available for endorsements, if desired.

Additional turbine helicopters available for endorsement

Through our contacts with commercial operators in the area, we can also make other turbine type helicopters available to the student, if desired. Bell 206, MD 500, Bell 205, Bell 212, AS350, Sikorsky S76 and larger upon request.