Aircraft Hourly Casual Rates

Following is a list of the individual aircraft casual rates (less than 10 hours training). Course rates (more than 10 flight hours) are reduced to reflect a discount. These rates include a base fuel and oil cost, instructor, insurance, and flight briefing fees.

Heli-College Canada is primarily a commercial helicopter training facility. Therefore, no PST or GST is charged on tuition fees for our commercial training. This is not the case with all schools. Be aware that some do not qualify as GST exempt, and must add taxes to their quoted rate

*All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars

The following types of helicopters are available: (effective 2021/09/15)

	Robinson R22 			$580.00/hr.    
	Robinson R22 (IFR/Night) 	$610.00/hr.
	Hughes 500 (MD500)		$1400.00/hr. + fuel
	Bell 206 			$1400.00/hr. + fuel 

Please note: since our aircraft charges are based on current tariff rates, these fees are subject to change in accordance with tariff changes. Therefore, it is recommended that you confirm the current course rates prior to registration.

Note: A fuel surcharge may be in effect depending on current fuel costs. Please check current rates at the time of course commencement.