65 Hour Commercial Licence
(with previous Fixed Wing Credits)

This is the modified commercial course that a licensed Commercial Airplane Pilot would take to convert their licence to commercial helicopters.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars

	60 hours Robinson R22 				$31,800.00
	5 hours Simulator (if required) 		    350.00
	Ground School approximately 			    850.00
	Total 						$33,000.00
Course duration :

Length of course with full-time attendance approximately 12 to 16 weeks.

Prerequisites :
  • A valid Commercial Fixed Wing License is required.
  • Transport Canada has no minimum educational standards for issue of the Commercial Pilot Licence. However, you must be either a "mature student" (over 19, and out of school at least 1 year) or have graduated from High School, to qualify for our program.